Who we are

CARDINAL Milano is a private label from Milan born in 2014 for elegant ladies handbags and accessories created for metropolitan women. 

Cardinal Milano  bag is a cross-seasonal, versatile and very feminine accessory with clean shape and catchy design at the same time. Our bags are dedicated to metropolitan ladies meeting all their estetical and functional needs. We believe that we bring not only the beauty and style, but also a peace of history, making ladies a little bit happier and more confident in their style and looks.

Inspired by the art…


This label and all the creations are our tribute to Milan and it’s enchanting architecture. That is why Cardinal Milano bags are embellished with trefoil flap,  lucky flower – recognisable details, symbols and lines from Milan city architecture. Trefoil means also Trinity – the number of three. Lucky flower is our favorite logo and is also a significant symbol for us bringing fortune and good luck.

Truly authentic Italian craftsmanship….


Every single piece are produced by historical factory (in Milan)

The creation is taken care of in every detail, even all the metals that make up each bag are made by a factory in Milan to guarantee quality.

The chains that embellish the bag are also produced in a local factory in Milan with many years of experience.

Each bag is a one-of-a-kind piece created by hand, where the designer’s idea meets the artisan’s touch.

We strongly believe in Made in Italy concept as well as the priceless heritage of Italian craftsmanship. Every single piece of our collections is crafted by experted artisans in the heart of Milan at one of the eldest factories counting more than 100 years.The same artisans produce and have produced unique pieces for sultan, queens and emirs and for the most famous fashion brands.

Buying a Cardinal Milano bag, you buy real Italian quality and not just a name. You buy a piece of story, a small piece of art made with love by human hands.

Company Information:

Cardinalno Srl


Viale E. Jenner, 31

Milan, 20158 Italy

VAT Number: 08 742 650 966

Registration Number REA Milano – Nr. 2045857